2016. február 14., vasárnap

How to solve a Rubix Cube

Learn to solve the Rubik's Cube in seven easy steps after you have familiarized with the puzzle and learned the notation. This website describes the secret in the easiest layer by layer method:
How to solve a Rubix Cube

2015. november 22., vasárnap

New Rubik's Cube World Record: Lucas Etter 4.90 Seconds

Unbelievable day in Clarksville, Maryland (USA) on 21 November. The previous 5:25 seconds record by Collin Burns was broken multiple times in one day. Keaton Ellis achieved a 5.09 result but since Lucas Etter beat this time at the same competition on the same day with the very first sub 5 result this didn't count.

Read the full story here:

2015. október 4., vasárnap

Online Rubik's Cube Shops

Ever wondered what's the best Rubik's Cube webshop out there? We put together a list comparing in detail the three biggest stores and listing a couple more where you can increase your puzzle colleciton.

Check out the the best puzzle stores around the World here!
online Rubik's Cube puzzle shops

2015. június 18., csütörtök

Speedcubers win Romania's Got Talent

Great news for the SppedCubing community! On 12 June 2015 a group of three enthusiastic cubers won the 120.000$ grand prize of the biggest Romanian talent show.

They went on stage with a very well scripted performance and solved Rubik’s Cubes chosen by the jury blindfolded.

Read more about this event...

2015. május 9., szombat

Learn the Rubik's Cube Notation

We have created a nice interactive widget to demonstrate the Rubik's Cube notation.
You can apply any valid rotation by clicking on the buttons:

  • Clockwise and counterclockwise face rotations
  • Slice moves
  • Double layer rotations
  • Whole cube reorientations

Give it a try here: http://ruwix.com/the-rubiks-cube/notation/

You are going to need these if you want to learn how to solve the Rubik's Cube with the beginner's method!

2015. április 19., vasárnap

Online Rubik's Cube solver

Check out the new online Rubik's Cube solver program with countless updates!

Just enter the configuration of your scrambled cube and follow the instructions how to solve your Magic Cube. So simple :)

2015. február 13., péntek

Solve the 15-puzzle

Try to solve the 15-puzzle and set up a custom one with your own image here:

Click on a tile next to the empty field to slide the pieces and solve it in as few steps as possible: